Dick Head. Up & Around.

Ex-US Vice Prez, Dick Cheney, was said to be recovering heartily after a transplant of his original, tuckered-out ticker. Cheney trade in Frankenstein’s heart for a fresh one. Dick Head was also feeling full of piss and vinegar following some weekend repairs.

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Eastside Emotions

Presenting Trial 3 of You Are Here, my experiment in emotional cartography.  You’ll find the full results below.  This round of testing took place on March 9th, 2012, over on the Eastside at the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM).  Trial 3 began around dusk for the Members’ Reception, and continued into the evening, during BAMignite. I […]

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Extremely Sensitive Information

Wa da ta.  I’m a tad delayed revealing outcomes from the latest round of You Are Here testing.  As you may know, a top-notch group of emotional revelers was analyzed at Sprout V on November 5th. Emotional cartography with live human subjects never goes exactly as planned – it is a fickle and experimental process […]

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I Get So Emotional, Baby

What’s that, Smokey?  You want to second that emotion?  Alright, wish granted. I’m polishing up You Are Here for round two of emotional cartography with live human subjects.  On Saturday, November 5th I’ll be setting the piece up at at Sprout V.  I’d truly love to know how you’re feeling. You know how people always […]

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