The Haunted Ice Cube Tray

I’m a lucky girl.  I own a haunted ice cube tray.  The tray grows one strange ice stalagmite almost every time it goes into the freezer.  You can see one forming above.  Only one of the fourteen cubes will sprout a frozen appendage and you never know which one.  I fearfully refer to this miracle as the spirit finger.  I first discovered that the tray had special abilities last summer and it’s been regularly producing spirit fingers ever since.  I’ll admit I picked up the tray at a thrift store, so while it looked new, it could have been thoroughly possessed by the ghost of its previous owner.

I’ve tried out some various experiments in the past few months, to see if there were any noticeable changes.  I’ve placed the tray in different locations around the freezer.  I’ve also varied hot and cold water, the surrounding contents and temperature settings.  None of my adjustments seem to please or displease the ghost, either way.  On average, the tray grows a finger that’s 3/4 of an inch long.

I had given up on the tray breaking the one inch mark, when it went ahead and out fingered itself.  March 19 was the so called Extreme Supermoon, so I decided to celebrate by making a batch of haunted ice.  The next day, when I pulled out the tray, low and behold there was a record-breaking spirit finger!  The tray blasted out a whopper that crept up on 1 and 1/2 inches.  I’m not sure what the ghost in the ice is trying to tell me.  I suppose it all depends on which finger this is.

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  1. Mom May 10, 2011

    I think this has potential as the next great religious phenomenon, like Jesus’ face imprinted on a grilled cheese sandwich, or more practically as a potential plot of Pixar’s next great hit. But really, it is most likely a simple form of “freezer augury” and you are not taking advantage of the free advice – like a dowsing pendulum, only slower. For those who are sensitive to dimensional energies, dowsing pendulums typically indicate “yes”, “no” or neutral answers to specific questions by directional swings. Does your stalactite always grow in the same direction? Or, does it switch directions? Does length perhaps indicate spikes in your energy levels, raises in rents, good grades on papers, positive or negative answers to deeply buried subconscious questions? You must learn to look deeper into the profound mysteries of the universe! As always I was intrigues and amused, but still curious as to the cause.

  2. Bill October 13, 2014

    Evidently it’s more about the water you’re using than the ice cube tray itself. It happens more frequently if you use distilled water, but some plain tap waters do it, too.

    For and explanation on how it works, see:

    Basically, the ice freezes along the outside edges of the cube and the expansion of the freezing pushes water up and out of the cube. Sorry, it’s not because of haunted ice cube trays.

    • The Ghost Horse October 13, 2014

      Agreed that there is a rational, scientific explanation for the phenomena. But this particular ice cube tray demanded the souls of ten children and threatened to spoil all my frozen dinners if I didn’t comply.

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