So frequently, it seems as if the only constant thing is change.  So what’s new?  Change is unavoidable and inspiring.  Many wise fools have preached it for ages, so I should be prepared for it.  Hell, I just took a two-quarter course on transition, transformation, transient train wrecks… I digress.

Change.  Why does it have to slap so hard?

Once again it has challenged me to a duel.  Over the course of the last few days I have graduated with a master’s degree, and closed out a whirlwind internship.  Somehow I managed to entertain my family, who came out for their first visit to Seattle.  I notice they are all waist deep in their own life transitions.

In the weeks prior, I participated in two art shows, and have another three opening in the coming month; I feel like I’m constantly moving art around town.  That certain on again, off again someone is off again… spending several months studying on the other side of the planet.  I’ve turned in the notice for my place and am packing, as I type – putting my belongings into storage for a bit, while I couch surf, until change decides what’s next.

I’ve moved a lot since I was eighteen.  I’ve laid down roots in seven states.  I’ve gotten to know many towns and cities, and even more neighborhoods, houses, and jobs.  Always, I transition into the next incarnation with experiences that have steeled me and new, often crazy, lifelong friends.  The adventures are certainly formative, but I notice it gets harder, as I get older, to start over.

The Pacific Northwest has been pretty good to me, but making a living may require more change, or another move, perhaps across the country.  As I weigh out my options I find myself pondering which is more challenging? Which slaps harder?  The change we choose or the change that chooses us?

Either way, I always come out ahead in the duel.

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