The New Studio

I’ve been at my current residence since late September. It’s a 100 year old beast of a house that is split into three apartments – one flat per level, lots of character. Apparently these resourceful old ladies divided it up into several units during the Depression.

Our place used to be two smaller ones. I guess code today only allows for three residences per old ass house… bla, bla, bla. The present slum lord made one place out of the apartments on the top floor and now we have at least two of everything.


The second kitchen was neglected, so I was lucky enough to snag it up for a studio. Varying circumstances have prevented me from setting things up as my rider demands. The combo of the three day weekend and a steady tinkle of snow inspired me to get to work.

Coffee, a peppering of snow, and X-rays began the day.

What to do? What to do? I’m mad for all the little custom cabinets and features.

Here she is – the crowning jewel of the studio. She’s beauty and beast in one.¬†Little signals. Perhaps I was supposed to work here.

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