The Lord’s Dander

We awoke to smashing glass.  The Lord’s dander had coated the land just before dawn.

An evil snow, awakening male aggression.

One young warrior was pummeled mercilessly.

The victors fled to the south, drawing penises on cars as they went.

We ran to the street.  The loser was gone.  In his place, the symbol that cannot be spoken.

We saddled our trusty steed, Malachi.

And followed Malachi’s raven, Engracia.

Who was following another raven, Roy.

We were valeted to the cage of the fallen dragon.  Where we ventured forth on foot.

Rogue guards slayed many Snow Beasts in our path.

In the distance, there was wailing near the shore.  A maiden had been sacrificed.

The Ice Palace was mostly silent.

But then, near the Giant’s sundial, an unstoppable frozen army.

And the Dark Lord himself!

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