Caution: May Exploit Puns

The Adventures of Mr. Wiener in Chocolate Canyon was an experiment in blatant adianoeta.  It featured live action video of dogs and dolls, compositing and 3D animation.  Many generous friends participated in the crazy project.  2012 means that Wiener turns 10 years old.  Egads!


The edit disappeared long ago.  But I do have the title sequence, featuring Mr. Wiener’s theme.  Sing along.

Have you met Mr. Wiener?

The hot dog of the neighborhood.

To be a friend of Mr. Wiener

may be a sin, but it sure feels good.

Have you seen Mr. Wiener?

He’s a giant, thou he’s on all fours.

Scream out for Mr. Wiener!

Invite the little guy in your back door.




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