When Life Imitates Art

I haven’t owned a sketch pad in years, so I decided to get one the last time I picked up supplies at the art store. I had taken some time to draw, with the idea that it might eventually inspire something three dimensional. I decided to let my mind go blank and allow my hand do its thing. This is an example of what came out. It surprised me.

Eventually the lines started to remind me of cells, or maybe muscles, repairing themselves. I wasn’t entirely sure which direction to take the sketches and decided to set them aside for a while. Several weeks went by.

It’s been a long time since I developed a new, large installation, and since summer is approaching, I was gearing up to get to work on a new piece. Yesterday, while being sexy and glamorous, I tore my calf muscle. (OK, I was actually taking out the garbage.)  Alas, this injury will make things difficult for several weeks, if not months.

I suppose I’ll spend the coming days at work on more intimate art… like sketches of tissues healing.  Coincidence or foreshadowing?

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