In The Loop

Holy hell is Washington beautiful. My guy and I recently took a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula. We did a 500 mile loop, met nice people and saw some fairly incredible stuff.

The Trip – The Map

The Puget Sound – Where Seal Poop is Made

Lake Quinalt – Not Your Average Magical Lake

The Quinalt Rainforest – Moss For All

Along 101 – Olympic National Park Beach 4

Beach 4 – It Keeps Going…

Beach 4 – The Mother of All Driftwood

Beach 4 – Walk the Plank

Ruby Beach – We’re the only people here that aren’t proposing to one another.

Afterglow – Ruby Beach

Land Shark – Ruby Beach

Vagina Rock – Ruby Beach

Him and Me – Ruby Beach

Mega Rock – Ruby Beach

The Stars – Ruby Beach

Lady Washington – Ruby Beach

Full Moon Growl – Forks

Yo, Eagle – Neah Bay

Damn – Cape Flattery

Mother Bonsai – Cape Flattery

Moi – Cape Flattery

Just Flattery – Cape Flattery

Tanker(Right), Whale(Left) – Strait of Juan de Fuca

Crescent Lake – Of Crescent Lake Fame

The Woods – Of Crescent Lake

Olympic Mountains – Dungeness Spit

Hood Canal View – Mount Walker Tippity Top

Mount Rainier – From Mount Walker

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