The Great Western Sensory Overload (Tejas to Vegas and back)

I last left you in Austin, TX, following The Great Western Sensory Overload (Seattle to Texas). By the morning of New Year’s Eve, 12/31, we are on a plane making our way back to Seattle. But not before a brief layover in the American motherland of sensory overload…


Las Fucking Vegas. By coincidence, I was wearing the perfect shades to go with the ceiling.


NYE here has gotten so big that they now shut down The Strip so pedestrians can properly go apeshit. Fireworks are blasted off of seven hotels at midnight and by that time the place is so crawling with drunk humans that you have to be a guest somewhere to get back inside.


This is The Strip just after it was opened to bi-pedal revelers. We felt quite safe, as there were wasted Storm Troopers, and puking superheroes, and costumed avengers of all flavors. We work hard to stay properly drunk, multitasking – walking, people watching, gambling.


We stayed at the Aria and were back in our remote-controlled room in time for the fireworks. Our roof was one of several launchpads and you could see paper and sparks raining down all around, along with the reflections in all the other glass hotels. It was phenomenal.

In the excitement, I accidentally turned off the room. The lights, TV, and blackout curtain all shut down. We crawled around in the dark to find a switch and kept clapping and yelling “Room on!” “Room on!” Good thing the show lasted several minutes. We got the news back on in time to catch the obligatory interviews with wealthy, old people on ecstasy, and the hosts could never remember which resort they were broadcasting from. It was first class, across the board.


This was the premiere sunrise of 2013 and we were off to the airport within 24 hours of landing, which seemed like the perfect amount of time in Vegas.


Remember all those tiny dogs from the first leg of the trip? By this point, my senses had been completely overloaded by all the designated airport areas like the one above. There is a lot of tiny dog accommodation happening in America.

On our final flight, a couple snuck a small “service dog” on the plane. A secret, service dog. They were discovered and the airplane was held while the matter was debated. We were delayed again when the woman refused to put the dog under the seat and AGAIN when it was discovered that someone had done part of the dog’s complimentary crossword puzzle.


Oh well. At least the views on the way home involved volcanoes!


Seattle was shiny.


The captain even circled over our place, as an apology.


And finally, this was the view of the Cascades when we arrived back home.

Complete sensory overload mission accomplished!

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