Reviving the Dead

Back in May I participated in an arts extravaganza called Barnstorm.  Myself and five other artists came together to create a living installation that focused on the art of dying – Ars Moriendi.  Over three nights more than one hundred people engaged with the installation, had conversations about their mortality, left last words, and posed for their own post-mortem photograph.

I’ve finally found a place to display all those beautiful photos.  They’ve been printed and inserted into a large-scale U.S. flag, made from hundreds of Mylar bags.  What says July better than a giant ‘merican flag filled with photos of dead people? Nothing.

If you’re in Seattle, please join me for the next Blitz: Capitol Hill Arts Walk, Thursday, July 14. Stop by the Packard Building on 12th and Pine and check out the art flag of post-mortem photos, from 6-9pm.  You might even help us spread the word on Facebook if you feel so inclined.

If you participated in Ars Moriendi at Barnstorm, your photo and time card will be on display with the flag.  Hunt for your body and your friends’.  Grab a drink next door.   Roam the neighborhood like the zombie you are and suck up more art.

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you were dying to pose for a post-mortem photo (but weren’t able to participate at Barnstorm) this Saturday evening, July 9th is your last chance.  Mark Verner and I will be taking more photos of the Packard residents for the flag.  You are welcome to join in, but you’ll have to RSVP to get in on the Saturday action.  Email me at for more details and please let us know to expect you, as the Packard Building is a private residence.

Otherwise join in the mortiferous fun at the Blitz, next Thursday 7/14.

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