This work consists of a headpiece, collar and ring. The set is called Beelzebabe. I started it several months ago, but I wore the prototypes out dancing a few times and, expectedly, everything needed to be Read More

Consumption by Inspiration

This is a chronicle of Consumption. I’m not talking about tuberculosis, but I might as well be. Rather I’m writing about Consumption by Inspiration. The Romantics considered Consumption (the TB kind) a fashionable disease of passion, an inward creative burning and metaphoric devouring of the life force. But the manic fever of creativity is not so glamorous to me. The more details and moving parts a project has, the easier it becomes to experience imagination as an infection, transported by microbes, changing its host. If not properly contained, this type of Consumption can compromise Read More

Temple Dogs of Ta Prohm

After backpacking through India, Thailand and Myanmar my travel partner and I have arrived, wiping our tired feet on the welcome mat of temple burnout. We stand in a queue, waiting for a visa at Cambodia’s busiest airport. It’s approaching ten at night. From here we have just a few more Read More