I Get So Emotional, Baby

What’s that, Smokey?  You want to second that emotion?  Alright, wish granted.

I’m polishing up You Are Here for round two of emotional cartography with live human subjects.  On Saturday, November 5th I’ll be setting the piece up at at Sprout V.  I’d truly love to know how you’re feeling.

You know how people always ask how you are, but they don’t REALLY want to hear someone answer anything except “fine”?  Screw fine.  Fine is not an option at Sprout.

Come down and get emotional – let it all hang out.  Participate in art.  Eat, drink and hear about more art from their great lineup of presenting artists.  Replace your actual feelings with warm and fuzzy ones when the winner is announced.

By the way, these photos are from Greg Plumis, who kindly documented the first round of You Are Here testing at the NEPO 5k Don’t Run.  Gracias, Greg.

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