You Are Here

You Are Here is an experiment in emotional cartography.  It can be performed inside or out, is inspired by the work of psychologist Robert Plutchik, and incorporates sparkly things.  In a roundabout way, a group’s emotional state is examined, tallied up, and photographically documented.

Participants are asked to select markers that appeal to them and tie those onto a larger structure of cord and wood called the circumplex.  The structure serves as a map of human emotional states.  Hopefully the experiment results in a visual representation of how contributors have been feeling.

The interactive installment is designed for repeating.  It can be moved, is adjustable, and easily reset.  Phase 2011 of preliminary testing is completed, with Phase 2012 underway.  The following are You Are Here’s operating instructions:

  • How are you?  This is an experiment.  The main structure is the circumplex.
  • Spokes are basic emotions.  Blocks are more complex feelings.
  • Take your own emotional pulse.  Choose a marker.  Hang it, depending on how you feel.
  • We are often pulled between emotional states.  Choose another marker and repeat.

Phase 2011 Testing – Completed

Results, Trial 1 – 09.10.11 NEPO 5k Don’t Run Testing location:  NEPO House, Seattle, WA

Results, Trial 2 – 11.05.11 Sprout V Testing location:  All Pilgrims Church, Seattle, WA

Phase 2012 Testing – In Process

Results, Trial 3 – 03.09.12 BAMignite  Testing location:  Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA

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