829 Reasons to Don’t Run

The NEPO House Don’t Run 5k is fast approaching and I’m deep into art mania.  Over the last week I’ve been whipping myself into prime creative shape… making 829 little markers for my piece in the 5k called You Are Here.  Join the madness this Saturday 9/10/11.






Don’t Runners who choose participate in You Are Here will be asked to select markers that appeal to them and tie those onto a larger structure of cord and wood called the circumplex.  The structure serves as a map of human emotional states.  Hopefully the experiment will result in a visual representation of how participants have been feeling.




The black disks in the above pictures have gone through steps 1-4 (of 7)… times 829 = what the hell was I thinking?!?!  Since it’s Labor Day, I’m gonna take a break so my hands can uncramp.  By Saturday, the markers will be finished and should look a little something like this.

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