Blast Off

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For the last few years I’ve had a storyline going in my head about a romance between two mad scientists who form a tempestuous partnership, rooted in science and sweetened in the bedroom. Ambrosia Blast, Ph.D. and Colonel Kraig Von Krieg fell in love while experimenting with government-tested magic, time travel and office supplies. Their investigation escalates into a tragedy of Shakespearean proportion when Blast disappears into an alternate dimension, leaving nothing behind but a photocopy of her hand… a breadcrumb to find her by.

Berserk as ever and violently heartsick, Von Krieg labors for months on end, making adjustments to many of the pair’s prototype instruments. The Colonel descends into mania and obsessive tinkering, desperate to reconnect with his beloved Ambrosia. Then one day, he disappears too.

The photos feature some of their abandoned models.

  • the Two and Two Accelerator
  • the Poets’ Longing Apparatus
  • the Electro Constellar Transporter

Each contraption incorporates a photocopy of Ambrosia’s hand, electricity and a little mystery.  Check out the videos to get an idea of some of their functions.

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