Sparkle Time!

It’s time… sparkle time.  I’ve got an installment in the NEPO 5k Don’t Run, coming up in Seattle on 9.10.11.  The project is called You Are Here.   The idea is to conduct an experiment in emotional cartography and sparkly surfaces.  I don’t want to reveal my plans too soon, but will tell you that the project involves a 3 dimensional structure for the community to map their emotions on.

I could use your help.  I’m making five hundred (plus) sparkly markers to tie onto You Are Here.   One side of each marker is covered in a prismatic surface, like the dots on the left.  I’ve been hoarding sparkly tape, wrappers and self-adhesive paper in several colors and patterns… if I had many months I might be able to gather an an adequate stash, but the Don’t Run is less than one month away.  Oh, my.

Do you have scraps of reflective materials you would consider contributing for the sake of community art?  I can use all kinds of sparkly, holographic or prismatic papers and tapes.  Each marker is 2 and 1/4 inches in diameter.  As long as there’s enough to cover one marker, I can put your material to good use.  I’ve found reflective safety tape, hula-hoop and baton tape, contact, origami, craft and scrap booking paper… do you have suggestions about inexpensive or free materials such as these?

If so, please contact me at jessie at


Comment 1

  1. Janet E August 15, 2011

    OK Jessie!
    You will be staying at my house which is filled with lots of sparkling things in my crafty closet(s)…so please help yourself…table will be set up for your work space and garage too for larger objects.. have fun, I was always wondering what I was gonna do with this stuff…give it to a friend is always on the top of my list. See you soon. You will still need more from other savers and artisits. . .

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