Constructing The Skeleton

André was kind enough to come down to the Barnstorm space to help me build on Easter Sunday.  We worked from 9am to 6pm to build the frame for the Ars Moriendi tent.  Don’t feel too sorry for us.  We took plenty of breaks to go eat down at the Pike Place Market.

This 2 x 4 skeleton will be draped with fabric and gussied up by May 5.  I sketched out a blueprint and my dad helped me come up with a construction plan.  Even so, I am gifted with selective math abilities and found myself scratching my head on occasion.  Since it was Easter, I went ahead and asked myself “what would Jesus do?”  Being a carpenter and all…

The dust in the photo is from all the work that team Quiet Heroes on a Rainy Night were up to.  They were sanding the stage like fiends, preparing it for the Kabuki dancer.  Intrigued?  You should be.

Please join in the conversation on May 5, 6 & 7.

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