Come Die With Me, Come Die, Come Die Away

I’m dead tired, but getting really excited for  Barnstorm tomorrow.  Here’s a sneak peek of the Ars Moriendi installation.  It’s a living piece of art that is focused on death.  Wrap your head around that, suckas!

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Here’s a preview of the progress so far.  This has all come together with the assistance of my friends and fellow artists, André Elias, James McHendry, Alex Berry, Damon Vecci, Mark Verner and the many hands of Quiet Heroes on a Rainy Night.  But we need your help.  The point of the piece is to take hundreds of “post-mortem” photographs and insert them into a large American flag.  If you’d like to play dead and pose for a photo, come down to Barnstorm, May 5-7 and participate.  You know you want to immortalize your mug in a piece of art.

There are many other fantastically creative works happening in the space that shouldn’t be missed.  Find out more about the event here.

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