Countdown to LIFE

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, six, six…  The final countdown has begun!  No, not for the next predicted Apocalypse, but for something even more momentous  – the June 3, opening night reception for Social Security at the Kirkland Arts Center.  Social Security is an exhibit containing work from a wide group of artists, and is designed to illuminate and satirize social issues while exploring the relationship between art and politics.  The group show was organized by Jayme Yahr in collaboration with Deborah F. Lawrence.  Yours truly couldn’t be more delighted to be one of eleven participating artists.  The exhibition officially runs June 4 through July 2 at KAC.

While you’re there, make sure to check out The Game of LIFE installation, which addresses the divergent realities of everyday living in America.  I had the honor of collaborating on this project with fellow artists Tina Russell and Lara Kaminsky.  We worked together to create the concept and produce a parody of one of the Game’s iconic commercials.  That video will be on display, along with prototype boards for imagined, new editions of LIFE.  Each version aims to pander to one of the many social classes we believe exist in the United States.  You can find out more about the inspiration for the installation here.

Our boards will be in amazing company, nestled amidst the work of Lou Cabeen, John Feodorov, Lauren Grossman, Pam Keeley, Charles Krafft, Deborah F. Lawrence, Bill Whipple and Kevin Wildermuth.  I can’t wait.

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