Game On

Yesterday was exciting, I spent the afternoon with other artists, over at the Kirkland Arts Center.  We were busy installing artwork for the upcoming Social Security exhibition.   Friday, June 3, is the opening night reception.  The magic goes on from 6-8:30pm.  Food + art + adult beverages + opinions = unlimited potential for solving the world’s problems in one fail swoop.  Wouldn’t you like to say you were there?

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The photos are of us rearranging part of the space.  We were doing sexy and exciting things like testing the projector and other last minute, mad scientist maneuvers.  This may have been my first adventure over to Kirkland, but considering the welcome, I’m not really sure what I was waiting for.

Social Security will run June 4 through July 2.  My work is part of a group installation, with Lara Kaminsky and Tina Russell, that has altered the Game of LIFE.  You can check out a few prototypes of the New Social Class Editions and sneak a peek at a test commercial for the advertising campaign.  There’s plenty of compelling and politically-themed art to get you riled up, including Kevin Wildermuth’s 27.7 Billion Dollar Bill and Charles Krafft’s CCTV camera.

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